Should I Stop Playing Video Games?

Yes, if you are asking this question, it means that you have recognized a problem in your lifestyle. Playing video games is not evil by itself. Having it control your life to the point that you are questioning yourself is a sign of waning self-discipline. Some other hobbies and activities are far better instead of playing video games.

While video game addiction is not a disease, obsession with playing them might be a sign of other mental conditions. Seek professional help if you feel that nothing makes you happy or is worth doing aside from playing video games. If you are asking this question, not for yourself but for other people, specifically children, and teens, then you might have to spend time with them to fully understand their needs. It does not automatically connote that that child is suffering from mental illness when they spend a lot of their free time playing video games. There could be other reasons like school bullying hence they do not want to spend time outdoors or social anxiety that disallows them from making friends.

Cycling is a better hobby than playing video games. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Below is a breakdown of why you should quit playing video games:

  1. Playing video games is expensive–As of this writing, there is a significant shortage of stock of any electronics. Video game hardware, both in PC and console space, have their prices jacked up beyond belief. It is unwise financially to splurge on this hobby. Save your money instead for emergencies or investments;
  2. There are other hobbies better than playing video games.–Hobbies are divided into three categories: productive, consumptive, and therapeutic. Productive hobbies are those which allow you to learn new skills and maybe start a business. Examples of these are knitting or carpentry. Therapeutic hobbies are those which does not have immediate or tangible results but will improve your well-being. Examples of these are reading or meditation. Playing video games is one of those hobbies that are nothing but for pure consumption. It just wastes time like watching a TV show or film. Although, due to streaming, people are able to make a business out of playing video games. Non-English-speaking gamers also attribute their fluency in the English language due to video games. So definitely, there are overlaps among these hobbies but generally, they follow the given criterion.
  3. The video game community is extremely toxic.–All fandoms or hobby groups have varying degrees of toxicity. Such is a byproduct of people being in the same group on a thing that they are clearly passionate about. This is also true in other enthusiast groups like audiophiles and gearheads. However, since video games allow for constant interactions in multiplayer sessions, and their early years are founded by tribalism, the toxicity is just much palpable to the point of real-life abuse.

You will miss nothing if you totally quit playing video games.

Nevertheless, playing video games is still a viable hobby as it allows you to have fun with long-time friends or cousins far from you geographically, meet new friends, and can be a great icebreaker at social events. It is just that it is not the most beneficial hobby of several other activities that you could venture into. You will miss nothing if you totally quit playing video games.


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