Formula Loli1 Case Review – The Name Precedes It

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Formula Loli1 case with PlayStation DS4 and Logitech G305 size comparison

Is the Formula Loli1 Case worth it?

No, there are better cases for the same size while being cheaper and more accommodating of PC parts. Formula Loli1’s strength of allowing longer GPU than the Velka 3 is now moot given that all current ITX GPUs are either 170mm or 200mm and nothing in between.

The Formula Loli1 Case is the usual Velka 3 / K39 affair. It is a diminutive tower design with a riser to fit a discrete graphics card. The biggest advantage of this case is it allows top fans (up to two 90mm x 15mm) for cooling which the current revisions of Velka 3 does not allow. Like the Velka 3, the power button resides in front of the case but with a USB. The USB cable for the case is sturdy and looks like it will last a long while. This is a surprise given how vulnerable the USB cords in Chinese clones are.

This case comes with a container with all the screws that you will ever need for your build and more. The plastic legs are also provided which makes the case taller than the Velka 3 and K39 which does not have legs.

The GPU restriction is up to 188mm which is now a weird spec. All of the 3000 series NVIDIA cards of the ITX flavor are either 170mm or 200mm, so there are better cases out there that should fit those cards. For the luxury, you can go Velka 3. For the budget, you can go K39. If you choose the 200mm GPUs the Loli1 is out of luck and you are better served in building a Dan A4 or an Aklla 4 to fit the cards. The Loli1 case is now stuck in an awkward position just like its name.

The cooler, on the other hand, is up to 48mm. The Loli1 case can have 3 2.5 drives inside of it, making this a candidate for those transient people who needs desktop power. However, you can only have 2 drives if you have discrete card since it will hit the shroud.

The Loli1 paint job easily scratches but it does look damn good and feels great, like it is ceramic. The included screws are silver and black. You can use the black screws under the covers and inside the case to maintain or you can use them outside the case to maintain the all black look.

The construction of this case is legitimately good as there are no gaps between the parts. The side panels flush into the body perfectly. Building time in this case is about 2 hours, at least in our experience.

Warning: This case has an incompatibility with MSI motherboards and using the NH-L9a/i heatsink. The Noctua backplate will be hitting some of the parts on the other side of the case. The solution is drilling the Noctua backplate, using the spacers in provided by Noctua, or use specific screws: m3x10mm) in order to shoot the screws through the other side of the stock backplate and fitting the heatsink of the cooler without displacing the parts on the other side.

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