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RektX.com is a no-bullshit gaming recommendations site. Product recommendations are always answered with either a YES or a NO, nothing in between, conditions, or hesitations. Every recommendation is brief and concise. If you like an elaborate approach, a consolidated review is also provided, collated from trusted media sources, and select users who shared their opinions elsewhere in a separate post with my own experience with the product.

RektX.com takes a practical and economical approach to gaming recommendations. In fact, the very first recommendation is for you to quit playing video games and venture into better hobbies. This site aims for brutally honest coverage of the video games industry and will not succumb to corporate shilling for money.

RektX.com mostly covers retro and early access games— the past, and the future of gaming.

The Author

This site is created by Jasper Nikki De La Cruz to showcase his abilities in web writing and SEO. He was previously the webmaster of PSPMinis.com, the editor of Science Times, and a game guide/newswriter for the rebranded Xfire and was a contributing writer at Beanstalk.io, an online publication covering both traditional video games and crypto-based gaming (NFTs, the Metaverse, Web 3.0).

Currently, he is a retro gaming writer at Nerdvana Central.

In the physical plane, he is a law school student.