RektX.com is a gaming recommendation blog which primarily takes the gargantuan task in covering Early Access games on Steam. The site’s owner found a gaping hole in video game journalism and that is a dedicated coverage of Early Access games. Some Early Access games receive media attention, but often these games are already popular enough that they no longer need it, or the coverage is merely dogpiling on a failed project.

These Early Access games are risky; beyond the possibility of outright scams, they frequently involve amateur developers who either misunderstand the scope of their projects or mismanage them. That is why the risk is on us. Let us be the ones who gets hoodwinked or disappointed, or both.

This blog also covers retro gaming and related topics such as hardware, health, and literature.

The domain name RektX.com is always for sale.

About the Author

Jasper Nikki De La Cruz has written countless articles about video games. His talent for objectively reviewing games, even those in genres he is not a fan of, stems from his extensive experience in building Flash-based browser game portals.

In the real world, he is a student of the Law. He may be available for hire.