Manifesto on Recommendations

Our sole purpose is to provide precise and brief recommendations for the gaming community under the following considerations:

1.) Price–Video games are technically a luxury. There are several hobbies that are far healthier, more helpful in personal and social development, all while being cheaper. Gaming electronics is inherently not “buy-for-life” as it expires on its own or made obsolete by new technology. Yet, it is still very viable to enjoy gaming by playing discounted old games or purchasing the previous generations of consoles. While all other gaming enthusiast sites and channels want you to consume without question for that sweet affiliate money, we want you to save your money for the better things. Even if you have spare money, subscribe to a gym membership, or get a small kitchen appliance and learn new healthy recipes. Fill yourself with anything, not video games, and if there is still excess in your budget, then go gaming and follow our recommendations.

2.) Objectivity–We played all our gaming recommendations thoroughly to a degree where we can give our opinions. We recognize that appreciation of games is mostly subjective, but we will present our recommendations in a manner where our personal bias or perception does not interfere by including the opinions of other people we trust. In this way, you would see how our opinions compare to others.

3.) Short–No bullshit, just straight-up recommendations in one paragraph. If you want the elaborate version, we will also link you to it.