Is Video Game Addiction a Disease?

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No, there is no conclusive scientific finding that video game addiction is a medical condition. Addiction to playing video games might be a sign of other mental illnesses or, simply, people might just have an intense passion for this hobby without suffering from any sickness. Not everything should be attributed to disease even if it is as obsessive as hyper-consumerism.

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Can Video Games Affect Studies?

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Yes, video games affect studies only in a way that got nothing to do with video games per se. Any form of physical distraction will affect a person’s studying habits because studying requires full focus. Video games, as well as any other distractions, will take time off a person’s schedule that could have been used for studying.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Needed in PC Gaming?

No, mechanical keyboards are merely “nice to haves” and not mandatory in PC gaming. The money you set aside for a mechanical keyboard should go to an SSD or a better GPU instead.

Should I Stop Playing Video Games?

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Yes, if you are asking this question, it means that you have recognized a problem in your lifestyle. Playing video games is not evil by itself. Having it control your life to the point that you are questioning yourself is a sign of waning self-discipline. Some other hobbies and activities are far better instead of playing video games.